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  • 3 REMOTE WORKER Friendly cafes Toronto

    Whether you're a remote worker, a student or full-time digital nomad, work sessions from a cafe can provide a well needed boost to your productivity, creativity and even mental health. For many city dwellers, our living quarters JUST don't constitute the best work environments. They tend to be filled with distractions, lack the proper amount of space or lighting and can often keep us isolated for far too long. In my Cafe Series I intend to hop around the city scouting multiple coffee shops to see which ones are best suited for remote workers, nomads & students alike. Such cafes must have STRONG wifi, good lighting ( preferably natural light), multiple charging ports, ample seating and of course clean bathrooms. Friendly baristas would be the icing on the cake but we cant be too picky. So far I've discovered 3 cafe's that are excellent spaces to get some work done. I hope to expand my list to included cafes all over the GTA and not just Toronto Central as most of us don't live in the downtown core.

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